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Poti Glory Monument

Memorial of Victory. Heroes of the Great Patriotic War. 1979. Bronze. City of Poti (Maltakva), Georgia. Sculptor E. Amashukeli, architect V. Davitaia

Georgia is a nation, which has fought against various enemies throughout history, withstood even the most brutal invasions in the world, and defended their homeland to the last drop of blood. That is why no one was surprised that 700 000 combatants from small Georgia went to the Second World War. 300 000 of them, including 11 000 inhabitants of city Poti never came back. Their lives were sacrificed for the glorious victory that saved mankind from destruction.

It is those names that the Monument to the Hero Sailors holds.

The bronze memorial was constructed by architects Vakhtang Davitaya and sculptor Elguja Amashukeli in 1979, serving as a poignant reminder of the past, that also confront the living with the consequences of war and violence.

Admission: free, every day

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