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Paliastomi Lake

Paliastomi flowing lake is a part of Colchis Lowland included in the boundary of Kolkheti National Park. The most part of the lake belongs to Samegrelo region and is attached to the Black Sea by artificial channel. Another, its western part belongs to Guria region, Lanchkhuti municipality.

Paliastomi Lake is located on the East coast of the Black Sea, 10 km south-east of Poti City, Georgia, at a sea-level between - 0,3 and 2 m. It is the largest of 40 smaller lakes in the ecologically important Kolkheti Wetland complex.

Paliastomi Lake covers a surface of 17.3 sq. km, its maximum depth measures 3.2 m. In the past, the salinity content was 2,2 g/l, today it varies between 12 and 13 g/l.

In 1961, archaeologists discovered ancient traces of Colchis civilization near and on the bottom of the lake.

The wetland complex houses a lot of waterfowl (especially at the eastern coast), rare endemic plants, and many water-associated amphibians, reptiles, and mammals.

Walking tours, arranged sport fishing, observation of migratory birds, eco-educational tours, etc are often held in this area.

Kolkheti National Park was created in order to protect and maintain Kolkheti wetland ecosystems. To underline its international importance Colchis Wetlands are granted Tentative world heritage site status.

Kolkheti National Park offers boating routes to tourists to get better acquainted with the lake.

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