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Lighthouse of Poti

Made of cast iron, the Poti lighthouse was constructed in England and transported by steamship to Georgia in 1864.

Nowadays Poti Lighthouse is a functioning navigation building and maintained by the Georgian State Hydrographic Service. There is a spiral staircase with 153 steps inside the construction. The visitors who can climb up to the top of the tower will enjoy spectacular views of the city from the beacon, overlooking the conjunction of the river RiOni and the Black Sea.

Those unable to make an ascent can stay downstairs and study the objects and artifacts associated with seafaring presented in the hall.

Interestingly for the locals, the lighthouse is also a powerful piece of historical evidence backing the argument that Georgian football originated from Poti. Legend says that Englishmen who built the lighthouse tower also delivered and installed it in the city. During the breaks, they were unwinding by playing soccer, causing great interest and excitement among locals. Constructors invited locals to join their game. Poti citizens who accepted the challenge may be considered as the first Georgian footballers.

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