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Abudelauri Lakes

Abudelauri Lakes integrate in total three different lakes of glacier origin: green, blue and white. Lakes are frozen for more than 6 months during a year, one can visit them from June to September, but the best time is in July, when the flowers are blooming. The blue and the green lakes are located close to each other, the third, white one is a little bit further, but since it is the most astOnishing among others, it is worth visiting.

There are two routes to get to reach the lakes. The first one that is 6-7 km long is easy, and starts in the village Roshka. However, more experienced hikers can take an alternative route from Juta (Kazbegi) and walk for 8 hours across the Chaukhi Mountains. The white lake is situated at the bottom of Mt. Chaukhi.

Hike to Abudelauri Lakes