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National Bank of Georgia Money Museum 

Money Museum was established on the 10th anniversary of national independence of Georgia in 2001, by the National Bank of Georgia. Besides carrying political and economic importance, money can be viewed as an artwork and the basis of statehood, symbolizing the unity, power and rank of the country.

Money museum houses materials telling the history of money from the 6th c. up to the 20th c. including: Colchian tetri, Alexander the Great stater, antique coins, Sasanian drahmas, Arab dirhems, coins of Georgian kings and Queens Demetre I, Giorgi III, Tamar, Lasha-Giorgi, Rusudan, as well as Venetian ducat, Turkish altun, Iranian abazi, Austrian and Polish tallers and, of course, contemporary money of various countries.

Address: Rustaveli #10, Kvareli, Georgia
Working hours: Thursday to Monday, 09:30 a.m. - 16:30 p.m.
Ticket price: Free