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Kutaisi Opera

The Kutaisi Opera Theatre traces its roots to 1861 when Georgian luminaries organized performances. By 1880, a permanent troupe led by actor Kote Meshki found residence in a building by patron Stephane Kharazishvili. Although ravaged by fire in 1946, the theatre was rebuilt in the 1970s, preserving a wall from the original structure, adored by a new generation. In 1969, it ceremonially opened with Zakaria Paliashvili’s Abesalom and Eteri opera. Further renovations in 2010 revamped interiors, added columns, a new entrance, and adorned the roof with sculptures by Giorgi Kikvadze. Today, it proudly honors the name of composer Meliton Balanchivadze. Whether admiring its beauty or attending a performance, visitors feel the enduring legacy of the Kutaisi Opera Theatre.

Address: Kutaisi, Shota Rustaveli Avenue and #17 St. Nino Street