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Kutaisi Botanical Garden

Kutaisi Botanical Garden was created on the basis of 120-140-year-old park which has changed its name many times and established in 1969 as a branch of Tbilisi Botanical Garden. The life span of the plants introduced here at the time of the first introduction is 150-160 years. Since 2012 Kutaisi self-government took control of the territory.

Along with an old park, the garden covers a total area of 7 hectares along the right bank of River RiOni, boasting more than 700 exotic plant species of subtropical trees and shrubs from various floristic regions of the world: North America, East Asia, Mediterranean, Moscow, Kyiv, Riga, Donetsk Botanical Gardens, etc. The flora here is of 210 genera belonging to 80 botanical families.

In addition, the park comprises an amphitheater, a symbolic heart-shaped sculpture, fountains, an Orthodox chapel inside a living 400-year-old oak tree and ponds, making Kutaisi Botanical Garden a prominent landmark of Kutaisi.

Address: # 2 Konstantine Leselidze Street, Kutaisi, Georgia

Working: every day 09:00-20:00

Price: 1 GEL

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