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Mutso Fortress-village in Khevsureti

Located 12.5 km from Shatili, in historical Khevsureti region of Georgia. 

The medieval stronghold of Mutso is an extraordinary fortified settlement that has been the most powerful outpost in North Georgia for centuries, controlling roads and protecting state borders from northern invasions. Due to the harmonious use of materials, the settlement is well integrated into the surrounding landscape and has been inhabited since the 10th century.

This village is distributed on three and a half man-made terraces carved into steep rock. Here you will find several fortified houses, defensive towers and crypts that have been well preserved. 

Severe weather, lack of arable land, weak infrastructure, and water shortages caused the village's population to decrease in the mid-20th century. The recent restoration project of the village has been awarded the Europa Nostra prize in Paris.

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