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Khulo is a small town in the Adjara region, at an elevation of 923 meters above sea level, in the basin of the river Acharistskali. It received the status of the city in 1964. Population of Khulo is 1007 (as of the year 2014).

The Green Lake which located at an elevation of 2058 meters above sea level covers 0,05 square kilometers. The maximum depth of the lake is 19,4 meters.

Khulo area is full of monasteries and fortresses:

There is a Medieval church Nasakdrala in the village Agara;

Tamari Fortress is located in the village Bako. It was constructed in the Middle Ages;
Church, constructed in 12th-13th centuries is standing in the village Vernebi;

Skhalta Monastery (13th century) and a bridge dated back to the middle ages is located in village Kinchauri;

Khikhani Fortress (10th-11th centuries) is located in the village Tkhinvala;

The ruins of the church from the 13th century can be found in the village Vanadzeebi;

The visitor has an opportunity to see an arch bridge in the village Uchkho. The bridge was built in the 12th century;

The village Kalota is famous for the ruins of the church from the 11th-13th centuries;

The ruins of the church (11th century) are situated in the village Satsikhuri;

The Tikinauri Church (13th century) and Vardtsikhe (a fortress from the 11th-12th centuries) are located in the village Khikhadziri.

One of the most famous mountainous summer resorts of the country, Beshumi is situated in Khulo Municipality. The resort is located at an elevation of 1850-1900 meters above sea level. The place is full of coniferous forests.

The main field of economy is agriculture which is mostly represented by animal husbandry, market-gardening, potato planting.

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