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Adigeni is a small town situated in Samtskhe-Javakheti region on the banks of the river Kvabliani, at an elevation of 1240 meters above sea level. It received town status in 1961 and today is main town of Adigeni municipality district. The number of the town population is 783 (2014). Adigeni district covers about 799.6 km2 area and for 2014 it had total population 16,462 people.

There are interesting historic and natural landmarks in the area. Just few minutes drive and you can visit the sites listed below:

Triala Lakes integrates three different lakes. They are located at an elevation of 1600 meters above sea level, at the north slope of mount Tlili, south from Adigeni.

Goderdzi Petrified Forest Natural Monument is situated in Adigeni, near the village Zarzma. Because of volcanic eruptions, tropical forest was petrified in the Tertiary period. Here, plant fossils are still preserved as prints of semi-fossilized leaves.

Zarzma Monastery stands in the village Zarzma. This monastic complex integrates a church and a belfry, which is considered as one of the largest in the country. The church was founded in the 8th century, and renovated in the 14th century.

Ijareti church which was constructed in the 13th century, is almost ruined for today. The remains of the church comprise of a church, a defensive wall, a bell tower.

Tchuli St. George Monastery is located in the village Patara Zanavi. Monastery dates back to the 14th c.
Besides the monastery, there is a Zanavi Fortress in the village Patara Zanavi. The fortress was founded in the Medieval period. The fortress includes several towers.

Okros Tsikhe is a Medieval fortress which stands near the village Bolajuri, on the rocky massif. It is regarded as one of the largest fortresses of Georgia. Okros Tsikhe was constructed in the 13th-14th centuries and was owned by the local lords – Jakelebi.

A famous spa-town – Abastumani is a part of Adigeni Municipality. The population of this town is 937 people (as of the year 2014). The springs of Abastumani are used in the treatment of tuberculosis. There is a Georgian National Astrophysical Observatory which was opened in 1932. From Adigeni to Abatumani there is only 16 km drive, which will take about 20 minutes.

The main field of agriculture is fruit-growing, potato planting. There is mineral water in the village Plate.

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