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Ushguli Lamaria

Ushguli church of the Mother of God, known as Lamaria, is a medieval Orthodox Christian basilica, located in the village of Zhibiani, UNESCO world heritage community of Ushguli, North Georgia. Church is thought to be built in the 9th to 10th- c.c. at 2100 meters altitude.

A fence encircling the church ends on the western side with a Svan tower and two small additional buildings. Basilica inside is very small, dark, and stoa is attached from the south entrance, making semi-circular corridor to the west. Walls are fully covered by frescoes. Several layers of paintings date back to the different periods of the middle ages.

The church is surrounded by a defensive stone wall. There is a large stone chair in the churchyard. According to ancient legend - prince Futa Dadeshkeliani, who wanted to conquer Ushguli, was killed on this chair. Svan defensive tower stands nearby.

Lamaria symbolizes female deity of motherhood, later identified with Mother Mary. From Lamaria, visitors can enjoy the view of the highest peak of Georgia - Shkhara (5193 m).

Working hours: every day 09:00-18:00
Admission: limited during the liturgy
Entrance: free of charge
Dress code: required

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