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Ali and Nino kinetic sculpture in Batumi 

Nestled along the picturesque Black Sea coast boulevard in Batumi, the "Ali and Nino" kinetic sculpture stands as a captivating landmark worth exploring.

This stunning piece of modern art, alternatively known as the "Man and Woman", soars to a height of 8 meters. Erected in 2010, it is a striking testament to contemporary design. The brilliant minds behind this masterpiece are artists Tamara Kvesitadze and Paata Sanaia, who drew inspiration from Kurban Said's timeless 1937 novel, "Ali and Nino."

The novel chronicles the poignant love story of Ali Shervanshir, a devout Azerbaijani Muslim, and Princes Nino Kipiani, a Georgian Christian maiden. Their passionate romance is tragically severed when Ali valiantly falls in battle while defending his homeland during the tumultuous 1918–1920 war against the Russian Army.

What makes this sculpture truly unique is its dynamic quality. The statues of Ali and Nino appear to come to life, moving inexorably closer to one another until they tenderly embrace, if only for a fleeting moment, before retreating back to their separate positions. This mesmerizing display unfolds over the course of 10 minutes, leaving a profound impression on those fortunate enough to witness it.

Notably, this extraordinary sculpture made its debut at the prestigious 52nd Venice Biennale before captivating audiences at an exhibition in London.

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