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Here an adobe tower was excavated on the westernmost slopes of the Savanati mountain range in 1946-48. At the bottom of the hill, an iron town gate was uncovered, while remnants of the adobe and timber buildings and the fragments of adobe town walls were unearthed on the terraced slopes of the hill. 

On the west of Sarkine mountain, on the terrace along the side of the river, a settlement surrounded with an adobe wall, the so-called ‘Grdezeli Mindori’ was excavated in 1954 –67. The settlement was apparently part of the town of Sarkine. Here, within the town wall a large building, housing workshops, which included iron smelting, blacksmith and goldsmith shops, were discovered; hewn limestone blocks and ornamented architectural details were also uncovered. 

The archeological findings excavated at the site of Sarkine - date from the 3rd c BC to the 2nd c AD. Here, the two terra-cotta figures of Dionisus and Ariadne and the terra-cotta masks of their retinue, an iron tripod candlestick, stone, ceramic and glass vessels and Ionic capital, discovered at the long field are on display at the Janashia State Museum of Georgia.