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Sarkine an ancient site at the Greater Mtskheta

Sarkine, situated 8-10 km from ancient Mtskheta, once the Kingdom of Iberia's capital, derives its name from the Georgian term for an iron production site. Nestled between the Gorge of Hell and Shio-Mgvime Monastery, within Sarkineti Mountains' slopes and Grdzeli Mindori ("long field"), Sarkine was regarded as a distinct settlement in spite of its proximity to Greater Mtskheta.

Dating back to the 1st-2nd centuries BC, Sarkine's excavations have unearthed diverse architectural structures, including iron smelting, blacksmith, and goldsmith workshops, integral parts of the town. Significant discoveries in the Grdzeli Mindori area include terracotta masks of Dionysus and his entourage, iron tools, pieces of ore, and ceramic crucibles.

These archaeological treasures from Sarkine find their place in the National Museum, enriching Georgia's historical narrative.

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