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Winery Obenein Mukhuri village

Obene, a family-run wine cellar nestled in the small village of Mukhuri, in Georgia's Samegrelo region, takes its name from the traditional outdoor shrine places found throughout the area, typically centered around a sacred tree where prayers are offered during grape pressing.

Founded by Mikheil Tsirdava, Obene's journey began with the discovery of a century-old family relic—an angular plain basswood or giant nut-tree manual wine press known as Satsnakheli. Inspired by ancient Ampelography texts detailing Megrelian winegrowing and winemaking, Tsirdava embarked on a mission to revive traditional winemaking practices in western Georgia.

After nearly two years of exploration across the region, Tsirdava identified and sourced rare, endemic Mingrelian grape varieties such as Chvitiluri and Koloshi. Focusing on traditional Megrelian wine production, Obene aims to breathe new life into these indigenous grapes.

Tsirdava emphasizes the emotional connection to winemaking and the importance of artisanal techniques. For him, the traditional method of fermenting wine in both qvevry (pitchers) and Satsnakheli (winepress) yields the most natural results. With a grape juice yield of 70%, the Chvitiluri grape undergoes fermentation for seven to eight days in the Satsnakheli before being transferred to a qvevry for further aging. This method results in amber-colored wine that embodies the essence of Megrelian winemaking traditions.

Currently, winery Obene produces:

Ojaleshi: This wine boasts a deep red hue and exudes enticing aromas of rosemary, lavender, berries, and spices. It pairs wonderfully with poultry, veal, lamb, and fresh cheese.

Tsolikauri: With its amber color, this wine offers delightful notes of citrus, white stone fruit, tree flowers, peach, and pear. Enjoy it alongside poultry, fish, and vegetables. Only 3000 bottles available.

Krakhuna: Featuring an amber hue, this wine delights with aromas of orange zest and caramel. It complements poultry, fish, and vegetables perfectly.

Otskhanuri Sapere: With its deep red color, this wine presents captivating aromas of plum, blueberry, earthy tones, spices, and lilac. Pair it with poultry, veal, lamb, and fresh cheese for a memorable experience.

With just 4 hectares of vineyards, our winery produces a very limited edition of up to 60,000 bottles of qvevri wines using traditional methods in our winemaking process.

Visitors can also indulge in our cooking master-classes, where they can learn the art of traditional bread baking in Angura, and the preparation of local Mingrelian dishes such as Elarji and Gebjalia, along with Churchkhela, paired with wine tastings for a complete culinary experience.