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Batumi Marani

Located just a 15-minute walk from the Black Sea in Batumi, the Marani Hotel is the perfect destination for friends, family, couples, and wine enthusiasts alike. This seven-story hotel boasts 40 comfortable rooms, a wine cellar, and a wine restaurant. With the assistance of a sommelier, guests can sample and purchase a variety of wines from family-owned wineries.

The word "Marani" translates to "wine cellar." The company owns vineyards in the Adjara mountains and specializes in collecting rare endemic grapes to produce artisan wines. Visitors have the opportunity to explore this traditional winery either in the village of Keda or at the Batumi cellar, which features a fully equipped wine storage space adorned in an ethnographic style. Guests are invited to taste a selection of rare endemic wines, including Tsolikauri, Chkhaveri, Satsuri Rkatsiteli, Saperavi, Tavkveri, and Aladasturi.

On the sixth floor, guests can dine in a charming restaurant with open verandas offering spectacular panoramic views. Enjoy the twinkling lights of Batumi while listening to live classical music played on the violin.

Batumi Marani provides cooking master-classes:

  • Baking Acharian Khachapuri
  • Churchkela preparation
  • Destillation of Chacha
  • Khinkali cooking class

Address: #24 Giorgi Brtskinvale Street, Batumi, Adjara

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