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The Georgian National Opera and Ballet Theater

Founded in 1851 and formerly known as the Tiflis Imperial Theater, Tbilisi Opera is and one of the oldest such establishments in eastern Europe.

Constructed by Victor Johann Gottlieb Schröter – the architect of Baltic German origin, Theater building has a distinguished oriental - Neo-Moorish style. Although definitively Oriental in its decorations, the building's layout, foyers and the main hall are that of a typical European opera house. Since its foundation, the theater has been damaged by several fires and underwent major rehabilitation works under Soviet and Georgian leaderships.

The opera house is one of the centers of cultural life in Tbilisi. It was once home to Zacharia Paliashvili, the Georgian national composer whose name the institution has carried since 1937.

The Opera and Ballet Theater also houses the State Ballet of Georgia under the leadership of internationally renowned Georgian ballerina Nino Ananiashvili. 

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Address: 25 Shota Rustaveli Ave, Tbilisi 0108

Opened: April 12, 1851

Architectural style: Moorish Revival architecture

Phone: 032 200 44 66

Architect: Victor Schröter