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St. Peter & Paul Roman Catholic Church, Tbilisi

A long history preceded the construction of the catholic church in lower Kala, on G. Abesadze (ex –Catholics str.) street that dates back to the 13th century since settlement of catholic christians in Tbilisi. In 1240 the Dominican monks founded a monastery and in 1328 the Chuch of the John the Baptizer was constructed. The Catholic missioners returning to Georgia in the 17th century, constructed the Annunciation Church –so called the Latin’s Church on Catholics Street, of which they were deprived by Teimuraz the II. This king abolished Catholics from Tbilisi. The present church was constructed across from the Annunciation Church (that did not come up to day) in 1805-1808 by Fra Philipo Foranian.

The Catholic Church of Virgin Mary Ascension was considerably repaired and renovated by the leadership of the Patriarch Dmitri Tumanishvili in 1884. In 1998-1999 the church was restored at the initiative of Juzepe Pazoto-the administrator of the apostolic, by the design of an architect A. Solomnishvili and was consecrated as Virgin Mary Ascension Church.

The hall type church is characterized with eclecticism. The elements of Baroque and Neo-Gothic are blended. The gate of the western facade is of Gothic style. At first the church was covered with the wooden roof and it was replaced by the concrete cross type arches in 1990s of the 20th century. The altar was painted in 1999-2000.

Address: 55 Iv. Javakhishvili St., Tbilisi 

Liturgy Time: Sunday 10:00 AM – English 11:30 AM – Georgian 5:00 PM - Latin

Every day: 9.00 AM (Except Saturday and Sunday)

Saturday 11.00 AM 

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