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Museum of Archaeology

The former Museum of Archeology in Tbilisi stands as a prominent example of 20th-century Soviet modernist architecture, a testament to the design brilliance of architects Shota Kavlashvili and Shota Bostanashvili. Built in 1988 on a hill in the Digomi district, this architectural gem features a striking brutalist style, resembling a cave entrance with a staircase.

While currently non-operational, the museum remains a significant architectural treasure from the Soviet era. Founded by renowned Georgian archaeologist Rostom Abramishvili, it preserves the archaeological history of Tbilisi, showcasing artifacts from Delisi and the royal burials of Treli (XII-VIII-VII centuries BC) at the Treligorebi archaeological site.

The museum's collections, spanning periods like the Chalcolithic (c. 5000-4000 BC) and Kura-Araxes culture (c. 3400-2000 BC), offer a journey through 6,000 years of continuous settlement. These artifacts are now housed in the National Museum of Georgia.

Though the former museum has undergone changes, its legacy persists in the Vault, safeguarding relics from the 5th century BC to the feudal era. Exciting transformations lie ahead for this iconic structure.

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