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Kashveti St. George Church

The name Kashveti is steeped in a miracle attributed to Saint Father Davit Garejeli, one of the twelve Assyrian monks residing in Georgia during the 6th century. Legend has it that fire worshippers opposed him, orchestrating a deceitful plot where a woman accused the saint of impregnating her. True to David's prophecy, the falsehood was exposed when the woman gave birth to a stone. Thus, the name Kvashveti is eternally linked to this extraordinary event of "giving birth to a stone." The initial structure, a wooden church, was later replaced by a stone basilica in the 6th century.

In a transformative phase between 1904 and 1910, a new church emerged, replacing the old and damaged structure. Architect Leopold Bilfeld drew inspiration from the iconic Samtavisi Cathedral, a masterpiece of Georgian medieval architecture.

The enchanting frescoes adorning the eastern semicircular apses of Kvashveti are the work of Lado Gudiashvili, an exceptional Georgian painter from the 20th century. His artistic brilliance breathes life into the sacred space, creating a visual narrative that resonates through time. Explore the layers of history and artistry at Kvashveti, where ancient miracles and modern creativity converge in a harmonious blend.

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