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Ureki Black Sea resort

Ureki is a seaside resort located on the shores of Black Sea, historical region of Guria. 

The climate here is subtropical, with warm snowless winters and hot summers. The depth of the sea is small at great distances, which is especially convenient for small children. The beach sand of this resort contains large amounts of magnetite particles. An increased magnetic field is observed in the vicinity of Ureki, which is considered to be a natural spa factor.

The summer season in Ureki starts in June and lasts until mid-September.

Ureki is a seaside resort where salt water, sun and magnetic sand have a healing effect. Its main minerals give an excellent healing effect in pathologies of the skeletal and central nervous systems. Sand retains heat for a long time, evenly transmits heat to the body surface and dilates blood vessels, resulting in improved nutrition of tissues and internal organs. It also has a mechanical, massaging effect on the blood vessels and lymphatic system. Warm sand baths also have an analgesic effect. Sea water itself regulates metabolism and the endocrine system, has a positive effect on the nervous system and intellect, increases hemoglobin levels, prevents the bronchi and lungs.

Healing properties of Ureki

The seaside resort of Ureki, with its unique and inimitable medical factors, occupies an important place among the health and healing seaside resorts of Europe. The healing factors of this resort have been studied and researched over a period of more than 30 years with the treatment of spa and g. Koniashvili Physiotherapy Institutes and their branches, Tbilisi State Medical University, Moscow Institute of Resort and Physiotherapy, Tbilisi State University, Georgian Academy of Sciences. The magnetic field in the resort Ureki, created by the titanium magnetic and ferromagnetic fractions of the sand, and the mineralogical composition of the magnetite sand, amplifies the above-mentioned stimulating factor several times. In addition, scientific studies have shown that the magnetic field of this magnetite sand is an independent highly stimulating factor that can be used to effectively treat diseases of the cardiovascular system and musculoskeletal system, if this factor is correct and used in sufficient doses.

Study of magnetic sand, the causes of its origin and accumulation

The coastline from the river Supsa to river Natanebi is represented by different grades of enriched fine-grained titanium and ferromagnetic sand. The existence of magnetic sand on the coast of Ureki has been known since the beginning of the XI century. This was scientifically proven and recorded at the end of the 19th century.

The origins of the magnetic sand of Ureki can be explained by its geography: the magnetic beach is located between river mouths of Supsa and Natanebi. It is believed that the sands of Ureki were created by the accumulation of the sediment brought by the two rivers through many thousands of years.   

Results of studies of complex therapeutic factors of the resort

The natural riches of the resort Ureki are: warm sea, miraculous magnetite sand beaches, sun, mild subtropical climate, rich subtropical nature creates extremely favorable conditions for relaxation and treatment.

The positive spa factors of Ureki can be used to treat quite a few diseases, in particular:

  • diseases of the cardiovascular system and peripheral vascular system,
  • functional diseases of the central nervous system,
  • various diseases of the musculoskeletal system, etc.

Therapeutic factors are equally successfully used to treat both children and adults.

The systematic study of Ureki resort factors for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases was started in 1977. The positive effects of sand baths in mild subtropical climates and magnetite have been scientifically proven on patients with hypertension, atherosclerosis, chronic ischemic heart disease, heart disease of various origins. Long-term experimental medical studies have enabled medical scientists to determine the positive effects of Ureki sand on the human body, in particular on the cardiovascular and central nervous, as well as the musculoskeletal system. This effect is determined not only by the thermal effect, but also largely by the constant action of the magnetic field.

The method of natural sand baths for natural heating is as follows:

One of the areas of the beach is fenced to protect it from the wind and to heat the sand better. At 6-7 in the morning, this square is divided into three districts in the shape of medallions. A height of about 30 cm is done around each precinct. By 11-12 p.m., when the sand heats up to 500, the naked patient burns on the precinct-medallion. Hot sand is thrown from the ascents to the patient, leaving the head and chest free from the heart. The head should definitely be raised higher, erecting a shading shield to protect it from the sun. You can soak yourself in cold water. The duration of common sand baths is 10 to 30-40 minutes for adults and 5 to 15 minutes for children. At the end of the procedure, the patient is freed from the sand, covered with a blanket, rested in a sitting position for 15-20 minutes, after which it is poured into water heated by the sun and dried. After that it is recommended to rest in the building for 1.5-2 hours. The course of treatment is 10-15 baths.

The temperature of sand heated by sunlight can reach 600, but at a depth of 5 cm its temperature drops significantly. Therefore, even on the hottest days, if you mix the sand well, no burns will occur.

The method of artificial heating sand baths is as follows:

The cleaned sifted sand is heated in stoves, tanks, grills or special appliances. The heated sand is stirred in the bath to the required temperature with the cold. A layer of hot sand 5 cm is laid on its bottom. The patient lies down and is covered with a 10-15 cm layer of sand and a woolen blanket. A cold compress is placed on top. The duration of the procedure is 40-50 minutes. After the bath take a warm shower, wrap the patient in a warm blanket and soak for 1-1.5 hours. Local sand baths with heated sand tubs or greenhouses can be used for a duration of 1-1.5 hours. Conventional common sand baths start at 450 degrees and gradually rise to 550. The temperature of local sand baths can be raised to 600.

The miraculous magnetite sandy beaches, the warmest sea water on the entire Black Sea, the mild subtropical climate and the convenient geographical location makes Ureki one of the best healing seaside resort.

Driving distance: from Tbilisi is 325 km 5 h 8 min (5 h 8 min); from Batumi - 55 km (1 h ); from Poti - 25 km (32 min ) and from Kutaisi - 100 km (2 h ) 

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