About Attraction

Simonay Zaoti

This is not a Restaurant. Zaoti is the local name (Russian slang with slight mix of Kakhetian dialect) of a mason jar for distilling alcohol at home. Simon Ruadze is the host and he greets you to his winery.

Walk a little through the narrow village road in Chumlaki and find yourself in a tight neighborhood of Georgian traditional family, where four generations live together and almost all members of the family sing.

Pre-arrange lunch or dinner with the hosts and enjoy delicious home-made dishes, grab fruits by season in the family garden, learn how Georgian national instrument "Panduri" is made, participate in harvesting grapes and peaches, taste family wines, as well as traditional vodka-so called "Chacha" and listen to the poetry toasts from main toast-master "Tamada" (traditionally, this person is a fest leader) – the head of the family.

This is a unique experience! You truly feel yourself in a warm family atmosphere.

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