About Attraction

Sazano is a wine cellar and a hotel located in village Zeda Sazano, Zestaponi Municipality, Upper Imereti region, West Georgia. Winery is located in 19 km from Zestaponi, and 45 km from Kutaisi.

Sazano Wine offers authentic village experience of western Georgia, with up to 40 daily activities for visitors to participate in. Explore marani (a Georgian wine cellar); open a qvevri (a traditional clay fermentation pot); draw and taste the wine; clean the qvevri and learn the varieties of traditional Imeretian wines.

  • Tend a vineyard and pick grapes
  • Crush grapes in a satsnakheli – a traditional juicing basin
  • Participate in a rtveli – a winemaking party! Make traditional Imeretian treats like pelamushi and churchkhela
  • Mtsvadi – A Georgian barbecue! Roast meat on a spit over an open fire
  • Feed and care for farm animals
  • Milk cows and make famous Imeretian cheese by hand
  • Feed chickens and collect their eggs
  • Tenda beehive and gather honey
  • Weed and water a garden, and pick local fruits and vegetables (ekala, jonjoli, strawberries, bilberries, and mushrooms)
  • Fire a traditional tone oven, and bake delicious Imeretian bread and khatchapuri;
  • Make cornbread in a fireplace in the traditional style
  • Roast fresh cornon dry wood charcoal
  • Till fields, plant and harvest crops
  • Swim and fish in our pristine local rivers
  • Horse riding
  • Fishing

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