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Guria is one of the tea-growing regions in Georgia and integrates three municipalities: Ozurgeti, Lanchkhuti and Chokhatauri.

Ozurgeti is the administrative center. It is situated at an elevation of 80 meters above sea level, between the rivers Natanebi and Bzhuzha rivers. There are several interesting historical buildings in Ozurgeti Municipality. Subtropical farming and tourism are major sectors of the local economy.

Ozurgeti Drama Theater is regarded as one of the largest theaters of Georgia, constructed in 1962. Named after the famous Georgian theater and film director Alexandre Tsutsunava, a five-story building is one of the best examples of Soviet Neoclassical architecture.

Ozurgeti History Museum was founded in 1936. Nowadays visitor can find the collection, which includes more than 6000 exhibits dated from the 9th millennium BC, until today.

Shemokmedi Monastery is located on top of the hill in the village Shemokmedi, 7-8 kilometers away from Ozurgeti. The monastery was founded in the 15th century. Shemokmedi Monastery includes two churches and one bell tower. Standing on the edge of the yard of the monastery, one can see the view of different villages and the town. The place was full of the various church objects from other Georgian monasteries, but because of the robbers, this collection was moved to the museum.

In the center of the city, one will find an ancient Byzantine-era bathhouse. Another historical building in Ozurgeti is Gurieli Palace, which was constructed in 1873.

Likhauri is one of the most beautiful villages in Ozurgeti municipality. It is located in the gorge of Achistskali River. The visitor has an opportunity to see the museum of famous Georgian historian, archaeologist and public benefactor – Ekvtime Takaishvili. Not far from the museum, there is a Likhauri Fortress on the top of the hill.

Ureki is seaside resort on the Black Sea coast near Ozurgeti. The beach here is sandy. Black sand of Ureki has healing magnetic properties effectively treating diseases of the cardiovascular system and musculoskeletal system.

Black Sea Arena is the biggest indoor arena in Caucasus region and the biggest Multi-purpose venue, the concert hall of the country, located at the Guria Black Sea Coast in Ureki. The music Arena has the capacity to host up to 10’000 guests and is the host venue of the Giuseppe Verdi Verdi Opera annual festival.

Musicians' Park has been operating in the adjacent territory of the Black Sea Arena since 2016. There are perennial plants of a unique variety, beautiful paths, rest areas and three open stages on 7 hectares of planted park. There is a square in the park area with monuments of both Georgian and International musicians.

Shekvetili Dendrological Park with over 200 giant trees of unique species, 58 species of birds from all continents and bamboo grove is spread over 60 hectares and unites thousands of species of local and foreign exotic flora. An artificial lake located in the center of the park is about six meters deep. The depth is tailored to the needs of the birds that live near the lake. Visitors can find pink flamingos, pelicans, storks and over 50 species of birds.

Georgia in Miniature - Park in Shekvetili, is a tourist attraction where guests are invited to take a step back in time and explore 49 miniature replicas of iconic buildings and architectural monuments from all over Georgia in small scale (1:25 - European standard for miniature parks).

Amusement Park Tsitsinatela – is located next to the Georgia in Miniature Park, Village Natanebi, Ozurgeti municipality, amazing visitors with abundance of attractions offered for kids, families and extreme. Park works daily from 9:00-19: 00 In case of worsening weather the park stops working

33 kilometers away from Ozurgeti, there is a summer resort Gomis Mta (Mount Gomi) at an elevation of 2100 meters above sea level. The place is unique since no hotels, markets or shops are there. The visitors can stay in wooden cottages or in the tents. The resort is seasonal because of the harsh weather and heavy snowfalls in winters. One can enjoy the coniferous forest and beautiful panoramic views overlooking Gurian lowlands from Gomis Mta.

On the way to Gomis Mta, don’t skip visiting Komli farm house. Family offers homemade tea and jems, and perfect lunch.

There is another mountainous resort in Guria – Bakhmaro, situated in Chokhatauri Municipality, at an elevation of 2050 meters above sea level. Unlike Gomis Mta, Bakhmaro has developed facilities and infrastructure. It has a hotel, some comfortable cottages, and local shops. The place is surrounded by spruce and pine tree forests. Amosavali and Chasavali (rough translation would be “sunrise place” and “sunset place”) are the names of the mountains near Bakhmaro that are popular among hikers. From the first one the visitor can see how the sun is rising in the morning and from the second one, it is possible to watch the sunset.

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