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Mariamjvari Strict Nature Reserve

Mariamjvari Reserve is situated on the southern slopes of Tsivi-Gombori Range, north-east side of Sagarejo, covering total area of 1022,5 hectares. Mariamjvari Strict Nature Reserve Administration was formed in 1935 and comprises State Reserve with the same name, Korugi Managed Reserve (2068 ha) and Iori Managed Reserve (2126.8 ha).

Because of the mountain relief, climate of the reserve in the upper parts is quite severe.

Most of the reserve territory (99%) is covered with dense forest, represented by oak, pine, beech forests, maple, elm, specimens of hornbeam, oriental hornbeam (Carpinus orientalis), several species of shrubs, oval (Pinus SoSnowsky Nakai var. Ovalus Kurd.), pyramidal (Pinus SoSnowsky Nakai var. Pyramidalis Kurd.), umbrella type (Pinus SoSnowsky Nakai var. umbraculifera Kurd.) 1% of the reserve is occupied by alpine meadows.

The fauna of Mariamjvari is remarkable by animal species diversity, such as: forest marten, wild cats, brown bears, roe deer, green woodpeckers, hawks, owls, bats and others.

According to the Agency of Protected Areas of Georgia (APA), the Mariamjvari reserve is "ideal environment" for health tourism visitors and has "significant recreational value and eco-tourist potential". Exploring the area would enable people to discover historical and cultural monuments, as well as gain access to other destinations in case of infrastructural development.

The project of territorial expansion of Mariamjvari Reserve is already well underway at the Parliament of Georgia.

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