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Kolkheti National Park

Kolkheti National Park lies in West Georgia, on a Kolkheti coastal plain, between the mouths of the Tikori and Supsa rivers. The Park possesses a large area of natural wetlands that are perfect for bird-watching visitors. The coastal zone of the park, combined with an adjacent marine area makes up one of the main migration routes for African and Eurasian water fowls and waders. In fact, over 194 different bird species are found in the region, including 21 species of migratory birds.

The National Park, together with the other areas of Kolkheti lowlands, is considered to be the legendary Kolkhi Pheasant's homeland. The region's picturesque wetland is rarely found anywhere else along the Black Sea's coastal zone. It is an ideal place for the development of boating, diving, hiking and horse-riding tourism in the National Park.

The National Park was established in 1999 as a part of Georgia's Integrated Coastal Management Project with the financial support of the World Bank (WB) and the Global Environmental Fund (GEF). It includes the Kolkheti State Nature Reserve established in 1947 (500ha) and the adjacent wetlands, including the Paliastomi Lake.

Stretched as an unbroken line over the vast continent of Eurasia the National Park with its adjoining areas possess the tropical and subtropical landscape zone remains from the Tertiary period, containing rich bio-geographical and paleo-geographical information these unique wetlands are among Georgia's most valuable and extraordinary natural heritages.

Kolkheti National Park Administration and Visitor Center is located at 222 Guria St., Poti, Maltakva District. X - 722952 Y – 4665569

Driving distance from Tbilisi to Poti 330 km (5h)

Driving distance from Batumi to Poti - 70 km (1 h)


Three trails are available:

Trail #1: Paliastomi Lake 9 km/1 h by pontoon boat

The route starts from the entrance of Paliastomi Lake. Tourists will see astonishing lakeshore scenery, impassable tall thickets of bulrush, secondary wet meadows and the thick cover of royal fern. From the birdwatching tower, one can observe migratory birds, some of which are rare species that seek out safe havens in the thickets of peatland vegetation.

Trail #2: Boat trip Paliastomi- Pichori 18 km/3 h by pontoon boat

The route starts at the entrance of Paliastomi Lake. Tourists will see the beautiful shores of Paliastomi Lake and an amazing view of the Pichori River mouth. At the resting areas, tourists have the opportunity to see Kolkheti’s wetland relict forests that are spread along the river bank, water and wetland birds and wetland water lilies, the so-called "bedsheets". Sport fishing is allowed on River Pichori.

Paliastomi-Pichori 2 hours by motor-boat

This route offers tourists a beautiful view of the Pichori River mouth. At the resting areas, tourists have the opportunity to see Kolkheti’s wetland relict forests that are spread along the river bank, water and wetland birds. While motor-boating through the forest, visitors often describe their experiences as if they were trenching through some sort of jungle. Sport fishing is permitted by the park administration.

Trail #3: Churia River trail, 18 kilometers, 1-2 hours.

This trail starts at the visitor center. Visitors can walk through the Colchic forests famous for its endemic plants and trees. Place is attractive for the birdwatchers as well – one can watch several bird species (eagle, milvus, sparrow-hawk) from the observation posts during any season of the year.

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