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Poti Museum of Colchian Culture

Built in 1908, the Museum of Colchis Culture in Poti has been operational since 1933, showcasing over 7,000 exhibits that illuminate the rich cultural heritage of the region, known for being one of the oldest civilizations. Despite Georgia's wealth of archaeological finds, the ancient Colchis region stands out for its abundance of discoveries.

Recently, the museum acquired an ancient amphora accidentally caught by a local fisherman in the sandy seabed, where underwater archaeologists have uncovered artifacts dating back centuries. The VIII-VI centuries BC marked a demographic explosion in Colchis, evident in archaeological excavations revealing settlements, advanced production remains, treasures from burial grounds, and places of worship. Notably, metallurgy thrived, producing weapons, religious items, household tools, and decorations.

The museum displays antique ceramics, ancient silverware, gold coins from Alexander the Great, Emperor Justinian, and Empress Elizabeth Petrovna, along with photographs and documents recounting Poti's history.

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