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Poti St. Virgin Mary Cathedral

The St. Virgin Mary Cathedral in Poti is not just a religious landmark—it's a testament to Georgian history and resilience. Built in 1907 under the visionary leadership of Niko Nikoladze, a Georgian writer and Mayor of Poti, the cathedral stands as the sole Neo-Byzantine style Orthodox Christian church in Georgia. Inspired by the grandeur of Istanbul's Hagia Sophia, the cathedral was meticulously designed by Russian architects Alexander Zelenko and Robert Marfeld. Its construction, completed in just a year, was a feat of architectural prowess, boasting a capacity of 2,000 worshipers.

But the cathedral's journey didn't end with its completion. During the tumultuous years of Soviet rule, the cathedral faced a drastic transformation — it was re-purposed as a theater, and its bells were confiscated. However, its spirit endured, and in 2005, following Georgia's independence, the cathedral was restored to its original purpose under the auspices of the Georgian Orthodox Church.

Today, visitors can marvel at the cathedral's stunning architecture, adorned with intricate ornaments and decorations. Inside, three magnificent iconostases, featuring revered figures such as St. Nino and St. David the Builder, add to the cathedral's spiritual significance.

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