About Attraction

Jvari Pass is located in Kazbegi Municipality, a historical region of Khevi, in Mtskheta-Mtianeti, at an elevation of 2395, on the Georgian Military Road, which connects Tbilisi to Vladikavkaz in Russia. Gudauri ski resort is located near Jvari Pass. Road is sometimes closed when the place is covered by snow during winter and spring. Avalanche is common, but the galleries have been built to prevent the lockdown of the pass.
The pass is a watershed of the two rivers – Aragvi and Tergi. The former one comes from the Caucasus Mountain Range going to the south until it reaches Mtskheta, the latter one also originates in the Caucasus Mountain Range, but flows towards the north.
Visitors will find the obelisk standing at an elevation of 2395 meters above sea level on Jvari Pass. Russia-Georgia Friendship Monument is located on the military road, near the Jvari Pass. It was constructed in 1983 by the architect Giorgi Chakhava. The building of the monument is connected to the Treaty of Georgievsk in 1783. The monument is made of stone and concrete. It consists of 1217 pieces. Colored mosaic of the monument is designed by Nodar Malazonia. It tells the stories from both Georgian and Russian folklore. The monument is constructed on the edge of the hill and overlooks the Devil’s Valley. The place is surrounded by the Caucasus Mountains and the view is always spectacular at any season. During Winter everything is covered by snow, Summer is characterized by green meadows and in Autumn one can sea colourful forests from the monument. Russia-Georgia Friendship Monument attracts a lot of tourists. Another reason why this place is popular is the opportunity to do paragliding.
There is a German cemetery near the pass. Ten thousand German prisoners from the World War II are buried there.
Visitors can also see Jvari Pass Travertine Natural Monument on the left bank of the road tunnel of the Kobi-Gudauri motorway. It is situated at an elevation of 2197 meters above sea level. On the white surfaces of the slopes, one can notice a thin layer of transparent water. Jvari Pass Travertine Natural Monument is part of Kazbegi Protected Areas.