About Attraction


Chaukhi Mountain is situated in Kazbegi Municipality amidst the stunning Caucasus mountains, with its highest peak, North Chaukhi, reaching an elevation of 3842 meters above sea level.

Renowned as one of the most popular trekking destinations in Georgia, the trekking route spans from the village of Sno to Juta and Roshka, linking the historical regions of Khevi and Khevsureti. There are two options for traversing the route, either on foot or by horse. The first route passes through Chaukhi Pass, known for being one of the highest (3341 m) and steepest trekking passes in Georgia. The second option leads to the Abudelauri Lakes a two-day journey. A highlight of the trek is the opportunity to witness the beauty of the three Abudelauri Lakes.

In Juta village, two notable accommodations are worth mentioning.

Juta House, situated at the village entrance, offers hotel rooms, an outdoor pool fed by a mountain river, barbecue facilities, a bar, and a small café. Additionally, horse riding activities can be arranged in the village.

Fifth Season, located at the end of the village en route to Chaukhi Mountains, stands at an elevation of 2360 meters above sea level, providing a picturesque view of the lake and the foothills of Chaukhebi Mountains — an excellent location for accommodation.

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