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Prominent 20th century sculptor, Iakob Nikoladze (1876-1951) received his education in Russia and France, in 1906-1907 he worked with the famous French sculptor Roden Workshop. Mr. Nikoladze's maneuvers are realistic, composition - precise. Nikoladze's creativity is characterized by idleness, liveliness and poetry; His later works are bound in form with static composition. Mr. Nikoladze put special emphasis on the lighting, he used light as a medium for expression, his works are full of inner dynamics and the portraits are distinguished by deep psychology. Sculptural artworks displayed in the studio at the time of Iakob Nikoladze's death provided a base for the house-museum's collection.

City area/address: Central District, #3 August Rodin St.  Tbilisi, Georgia
Working hours: Tuesday – Sunday, 10:00 a.m. – 17.30p.m.
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