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Motsameta Monastery

Motsameta Monastery is located in river Tskaltsitela gorge in Imereti region, West Georgia, in 6 km from city Kutaisi. Motsameta translates from Georgian as ‘place of the martyrs’, which is related to brothers David and Constantine Mkheidze, who organized a rebellion against Arab invaders in the 8th century, and were tortured and killed here.

Present-day structures of monastery and church was built by king Bagrat III in the 11th century, however, historical accords claim that there had been monastic complex, even fortifications before that.

Monastic complex integrates: Motsameta Church, a two-storey bell tower, ruins of the defensive towers, stone wall. Motsameta church is a cross-dome structure, built in the 11th century, where the remains of the martyrs are rested.

Monastery is situated on an elevated cliff, surrounded by the curve of the river Tskaltsitela and beautiful forests that offer picturesque views from the site.

Working hours: every day 09:00-18:00
Admission: limited during the liturgy
Entrance: free of charge
Dress code: required

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