Northern lights appeared in Georgia

On November 5, at night, a strange glow appeared in the sky due to the powerful eruptions taking place on the Sun. The event was very similar to the Northern Lights. As astronomers say, this was indeed a special and rare event that appeared in a large part of European countries and in some parts of Georgia.

Astronomer of the Space Research Center, atmospheric physicist, associate professor of Ilias University, Maya Todua, says that the event itself is rare for Georgia, although it will not have any negative impact on the atmosphere and people's health. However, the northern sun still has its disadvantages for the earth...

Northen light georgia

Maya Thodua - This event occurs when high-energy particles are ejected from the sun. At this time, electrons and protons spread in the solar system and some of them reach the Earth.

As you know, the Earth has a magnetic field, which is very important for maintaining the atmosphere. When interacting with a magnetic field, the particles cause a perturbation of the magnetic field. Yes, we astronomers refer to this event with this term. Residents cannot feel it, but they do feel the Earth's magnetic field and special tools. We call these geomagnetic storms. This event is the reason for the lights in the sky, the so-called It causes swelling, especially in the poles. This is a rare occurrence in mid-latitudes that just happened...


Otherwise, as I said, polar ice is a common story at the North Pole, but lower in the mid-latitudes, it's a very rare event, occurring once every few years.