Certification Training for Guides: Georgian Holidays' Two-Day Workshop

On 10-11 February, 2024 Georgian Holidays hosted a specialized training session in collaboration with the Association of Certified Guides. The two-day event aimed to elevate the expertise of our guides, ensuring they provide top-notch experiences for travelers exploring Tbilisi.

The first day commenced with a Zoom call where theoretical aspects of guiding were extensively discussed. Topics ranged from historical insights to cultural nuances, enriching our guides' understanding of the region's heritage and significance. It was an opportunity for them to deepen their knowledge and refine their storytelling skills, crucial for captivating our guests.

On the second day, the training transitioned to a practical approach with a guided tour of Tbilisi. As our guides led the tour, they engaged in discussions about practical themes, such as route planning, interaction with guests, and problem-solving on the go. This hands-on experience provided invaluable insights, preparing our guides to handle real-time challenges seamlessly.

Working with certified guides is paramount for ensuring exceptional travel experiences. Certification signifies a guide's proficiency, professionalism, and commitment to delivering high-quality service. By collaborating with the Association of Certified Guides, we guarantee our guests receive guidance from experts who possess in-depth knowledge, adhere to ethical standards, and are adept at creating memorable journeys.

Investing in training and partnering with certified guides aligns with our mission to provide unparalleled travel experiences in Georgia. We believe that well-informed and skilled guides play a pivotal role in shaping travelers' perceptions and fostering a deep appreciation for our country's rich culture and history.

Georgian Holidays remains dedicated to enhancing the quality of our services, and this training initiative is a testament to our commitment to excellence in the travel industry.