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7 Day Tusheti Trekking

7 Day Tusheti Trekking

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One of the most remote and isolated regions of Georgia-Tusheti and its administrative center Omalo is nestled in a mountain terrain of Caucasus ridge, Georgia.



High alpine village Diklo is dotted between the Greater Caucasus Mountains and Pirikita Range of Tusheti on 2140 meters above sea level.



Village Bochorna with its only one resident, is recognized as the highest permanent settlements in Europe. Bochorna is located on 2345 meters above sea level in Tusheti, Georgia.



High mountainous village Shenaqo of Tusheti region is located in Caucasus Mountains at an elevation of 2080 meters above sea level in Tusheti National Park.



Chigho is a village located in Tusheti highlands, on the left bank of the river Piriqita Alazani, in about 8 kilometers from village Omalo. Chigho is situated at an elevation of 2140 meters above sea level.



Tusheti highland village Dartlo is one of the gems of Georgia. Located on the southern slopes of the Great Caucasus mountains, the village is on the altitude 200 m above sea level and is part of Tusheti National Park.



Town Akhmeta in the northern part of Kakheti province, represents an entrance of Pankisi Gorge. The fabulous road to Tusheti through the Grate Caucasus Mountains starts from here.

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Mta-Tusheti Tentative world heritage site is a small historic geographic region on the northern slopes of the Greater Caucasus Mountains, and represents the most ecologically unspoiled regions in Caucasus.

{"en":"Tusheti National Park","de":"Nationalpark Tuschetien","ru":"Национальный парк Тушети"}

Tusheti National Park

The extraordinary beauty of Tusheti National Park, its mountainous landscapes, centuries-old defense towers and folk culture have been designated among the World Heritage Sites List by UNESCO, in 2007.