About Attraction

Spekali winery is located in the village of Tokhliauri, near Sagarejo, within the region of Kakheti, historically the main region for wine production in Georgia. We are a small, family owned producer of exclusive, artisan Quevri wines from certain endogenous grape varieties best-known for our micro-zone. Our wines are produced according to the ancient Kakhetian winemaking method, by fermenting and aging the wines for up to six months together with the pomace inside Quevri, tear-shaped terracotta pots that are set into the ground.
The name of our brand “Spekali” is a collective word for precious gemstones in ancient Georgian. We feel that this name draws an elegant parallel to Georgian wines, which, just like gems, can be as varied as they are valuable.
We are always happy to share our experience and the uniqueness of Georgian wine to the visiting guests by offering simple tasting tours or combining them with dinner or lunch.
3 wine tasting with a light snack – 6 EUR;
3 wine tasting with a lunch package – 14 EUR.