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Shilda Winery

Shilda Winery was founded in 2014. Located only two hours’ drive from the capital city Tbilisi, Shilda houses a winery, producing wine, brandy, and grape vodka. Spectacular surroundings and welcoming atmosphere create rather extraordinary hospitality experience, which is furthermore enhanced by the hosts of the Shilda Winery.

Known for its 17 varieties of wine, brandy, and grape vodka, Shilda Winery is a family-owned fairy-tale-like estate that extends over 6 hectares of land. Guests are welcome to sit comfortably on the wrap-around porch to sip a glass of wine while taking in the mesmerizing scenery or take a tour of the factory that is equipped with modern, up-to-date Italian and French facilities.

The estate’s tasting room is an idyllic place to experience harmonious selection of traditional wines and perhaps tuck into locally-sourced cheese and snacks.

Shilda lies at the foot of the southern slope of the Caucasus Mountain range. This unique place is within one of the most prominent area – Kindzmarauli zone. The special climate and diversity of the mineral-rich soil create unique natural conditions for grape growing. In the scenic village of Kakheti, traditional winery hosts wine, brandy, and grape vodka tastings along with polyphonic singing of the Band Shilda. The experience is eclectic and well-worth sipping and savoring.

Tour Packages: The top-notch winery cleverly blends the tradition, culture, history, and modern techniques of winemaking into its ethos. Visitors are given the option to choose from the assorted wine tours carefully curated by the company’s highly-experienced staff.

Master Classes: Guests in search of a more explicit introduction to Georgian cuisine, are acquainted with the chefs at the Shilda Winery, who host masterclasses and tutorials for baking and snack preparation along with the tour guides. Packages can be purchased in advance, according to what the guests are looking to experience.

Corporate Events: Shilda Winery is an ideal location for corporate events and company retreats with on-site equipment and experienced staff to cater the client’s needs. In case of interest, the event atmosphere is further heightened with the vocal performance of the Ensemble Shilda

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