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Schuchmann Wines

The Schuchmann Wine bar in Tbilisi and Château in Kisiskhevi village are parts of a larger winery complex, nestled within a dreamlike environment with a view of the mostly snow - covered Caucasus Mountains.

After a Kakheti journey along the dusty country roads, in Kisiskhevi travelers can take delight in the hospitality of the local people and enjoy Georgia's wines over a meal of grilled meat.

Open yourself up to the picturesque landscape and magnificent colors of our natural scenery. Upon request, we are happy to arrange transfers from the airport to the vineyard and back, as well as guided tours through the beautiful region of Kakheti, hunting trips and much more.

Wine tasting in Schuchmann Wines Château costs from 8 EURO per person (includes tasting 3 types of wine).

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