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Nika Vacheishvili Cellar

“I created this stream bed,” says an inscription referring to King Bagrat IV on the wall of Ateni Sioni, implying the system of aqueducts built to irrigate the gorge (during his reign 1018-1072).

The location of the vineyards is historically known as one of the oldest traditional wine terroirs and the only microzone where “Atenuri” wine originates from. Atenuri has been praised in medieval literature and has gained its fame as “the wine of the kings”, “better than any other” and “the noble” wine. Ateni micro zone was royal property since 10th century, specifically used for vineyards by central government.

Nika Vacheishvili planted a vineyard in 2013 near the village Ateni, in Gori District, Shida Kartli. The temple of Ateni’s Sioni is on the way to the cellar. Nika built this magnificent cellar by using Atenian limestone. This natural material helps to keep constant temperature inside the cellar: warm in winter and cool in summer. Chinebuli, Goruli Mtsvane and Tavkveri vineyards are cultivated on an area of 3.5 hectares, and wine is made using the traditional method. Very little of the wine produced on the farm is sold in natural wine shops in Tbilisi, while the rest is sold locally on the farm.

Nika Vacheishvili’s philosophy is to present Ateni as an unique destination by connecting historical landmark to traditions and the future. The main goal is attracting people to Georgia to learn its natural tastes, feel aroma, history and production process on site, instead of wine travelling abroad.

The farm restored an old agrarian culture and now produces 5 types of a goat cheese and honey. The highlight is melted cheese, aged in wine and honey.

Beautiful sights, organic food and delicious Georgian wines await you while visiting Ateni!

Nika Vacheishvili’s Marani offers:

Wine cellar acquaintance tour;

Distinctive, high-quality wine;

Wine and cherry tincture tasting.- Atenuri, Chinuri, Tavkveri, and cherry tincture made under Ateni’s blazing sunlight.

Delicious dinner from organic products on the terrace with amazing views;


  • Bread baking master class in a bakery
  • Khachapuri preparation master class
  • Churchkheli care master class

Nika Vacheishvili Cellar Wines:

  1. Roze Khidistavuri
  2. Tavkveri
  3. Koshkebis Chinuri
  4. Atenuri

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