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Lekso's Marani

Lekso’s Marani (marani means winery in Georgian) is a family owned wine cellar located in village Akhashani, Akhmeta municipality, in 12 km from the town Akhmeta, Kakheti region.

Winery is producing qvevri wines according to the traditional Kakhetian methods – pressing the grapes, and then pouring juice, grape skins, stalks and pips into qvevri – traditional Georgian clay vessel.

Visitors have opportunity to take a tour through the winery, get acquainted with the winemaking process, take a look at 100-year-old vessels, taste qvevri amber and qvevri red wines, as well as chacha – Georgian pomace brandy, with snacks.

Standard package of wine-tasting costs 40 GEL per person and includes: 3 types of qvevri wine: qvevri amber wine qvevri red wine and chacha distillate with snacks. In case of interest you have opportunity to taste more different types of wine.

To book a private tour, please contact us here.