About Attraction

If you want to find the heaven on the earth – beautiful mountains, canyons, waterfalls, wonderful wild life, and the starry dome of the sky at night, enjoy watching or simply place with daily monotony, we are then welcoming you in Chikovani’s old fields! There you can see the four story palace a huge old trees in the yard, cozy rooms with great views. With restaurant, wine caller, vineyards, swimming pool, trout fishing, large and small conference rooms, sports facilities and billiards.

Chateau chikovani has a restaurant with full range of service for your holidays, weddings and also for anniversaries.  Halls built by the old brick and local rock, which leads to a special peace. The walls of the built-in fireplaces you are special, romantic mood. The restaurant's walls are depicted in bas-reliefs, which are harmoniously blended in the interior, reflecting the Chikovani family history. The hall has a large courtyard on the side windows, which combines green yard hall of birth sense of nature.
The main - the kitchen. The restaurant will treat you to a variety of denominations, both local and European dishes. You can taste here unique Georgian dishes and also you can have master class of it. The restaurant offers anniversary events, holidays, weddings and other notable dates organize full package, which includes a distinctive design and original ideas.
The holiday can be hold few days and enjoy the benefits of a hotel. The event can be hold with open air fireworks and various surprises.

In the chateau chikovani we have special place for the cellar, here you can see the Georgian intangible heritage - a clay, - Imeretian churi. Tears shape clay pottery vessel is considered of best wine in wine-making. Here is used to press wine oldest Georgian pressing machine – “Meratapa” – which is large stone and wood connected with technology of lever and screw rod. Expanding on a separate sight is ”churistavi” - Georgian traditional small table in the cellar, and the opening of clay, taking from there wine by “orshimo” recovered wine tasting. Here's an opportunity to taste the Imereti, Kakheti and European technologies, unique wine. It is also possible to have high alcoholic drinks unique: Chacha, chqunta and various fruit vodka distillated by professional alcohol distilling system. In the chateau, at the appropriate time, you will be able to engage in the wine or alcoholic drinks during the setup process.
 Also you can listen castles owner’s story about history of chikovani noble family and his unique toasts in traditional Georgian wine caller or directly in vines.
Also you will be able to walk around the chikovani’s vineyard, where you will find traditional Georgian and European species of wine grapes.

In the Chateau Chikovani additional charm is recreation extraordinary attractive with trout fishing. You can have romantic and extraordinarily lunch in Jargvali near waterfalls. You will have best time in chateau chikovani and you will never forget time in this family.