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Chateau Chikovani

Welcome to Chikovani ’s old fields! The wine caller, vineyards, swimming pool, trout fishing, restaurant and four-story hotel are surrounded by a huge trees in the yard. The old brick walls harmoniously blend in with the interior reflecting on the Chikovani family history. Built-in fireplaces lead to a special peace a create romantic mood. Cozy hotel rooms with great views, large and small conference halls, and sport facilities are waiting for you.

Chateau Chikovani restaurant has full range of service for holidays, weddings and celebrations.

The restaurant offers a wide variety of Georgian and European dishes, organizes cooking masterclass, anniversary events, holidays, weddings and other events. Open-air fireworks and various original surprises can be added upon the client’s wish.

In chateau Chikovani there is a special place for the cellar. A tear-shaped clay vessel named Imeretian churi is buried underground for fermenting and storing wine. To press the grapes, we use oldest pressing machine Meratapa, a huge stone and wooden technology of lever and screw rod. The ”churistavi” - Vessel opening is a special ceremony, traditional small table is served in the cellar, and “orshimo” - a long glass - is used for wine tasting. We store the wines from all regions of Georgia: Imereti, Kakheti and Europe. Chacha, chqunta and fruit vodka is also distilled here.

In the chateau, tasting wine or any other alcoholic drink is a special process conducted by the Chateau owner, who comes from Chikovani noble family is a professional Toastmaster (Tamada).

In the evening you can walk around the vineyard or simply enjoy romantic picnic near waterfalls, creating unforgettable memories.

To book the private tour, please, contact us here of check the detailed itinerary below:

Imereti Wine Tour