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Adjarian Wine House

Adjarian Wine House is a small winery, located in one of the historical regions of Georgia,  Adjara mountains, 20 km from Batumi.  

The wine house was established in 2010 on the ruins of 18-th century historical winery, in Khelvachauri municipality, village Adjaristskali. New owners restored local historical winemaking traditions and re-introduced some old, unique wines such as “Chkhaveri” - characteristic to this region. 

Nowadays "Adjarian Wine House" has their own vineyards and two factories to produce traditional wine with high standards, a Georgian restaurant with an elegant setting for private events, enotheque, wine cellar with Qvevri, and wine tasting halls. A narrow pond filled with an assortment of large fish makes the site even more attractive to the visitors. 

Adjara winery produces European-style wines, qvevri wines, a variety of Chacha and Cognac, champagne aged in the bottle and specializes in wines made from Chkhaveri. The European-style wine is a blend of Rkatsiteli and Tsolikouri. Qvevri-made wine is produced with the Tsolikouri grape variety. Currently, the winery is producing 8,000 bottles. 

The inside walls of Adjara Wine House are made of the same bricks and stones as the outside walls of the building, blending in well with the surrounding environment. 

Below there is a wine cellar where oak barrels are used to age wines and several riddling racks -to riddle the sparkling wine bottles. Nearby you will see a 250-year-old wood press on display. 

Back on the first floor of the winery, a restaurant area is filled with numerous tables. Wine bottles line the walls, Carefully and neatly placed Georgian-style modern artifacts enhance the pleasure of visiting this site. There are floor windows in the restaurant area, that provides a glimpse into the wine library and cellar below.

Outside, in a nearby two-story building also made of stone and brick, is a marani with several qvevris buried in the ground. A stone stairway leads up to the second floor.

Adjara Wine House is an ideal place to enjoy fresh air, the beauty of nature, and relax with friends and family in incredible scenic surroundings.  Here visitors can browse through the vineyard, walk among the halls arranged in Eastern style and designed with traditional Georgian elements, become acquainted with the wine-making process, buy or taste local wines, smoke hand-rolled Georgian tobacco upon their wish, and taste Georgian and International cuisine.