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Svaneti trekking is 9 days private tour: Feel the spirit of adventure under the realm of permanently white, huge peaks of Shkhara 5068m, Tetnuldi 4617m and Ushba 4700m. Experience trekking in extraordinary wild nature of Svaneti and observe medieval life of proud and independent Svan people. Visit Ushguli village, a UNESCO World Heritage site, which is one of the highest inhabited settlements in Europe (2200m above sea level). Discover narrow passes of Becho Gorge and waterfalls, untouched villages of Mazeri, Adishi, Latali and Lenjeri . Unforgettable experience in waiting for you.

Max trekking per day: 17 km
Max elevation: 2960 m.

Sights to visit

Svaneti region: Mestia town, Etseri village, Mazeri village, Becho, Qoruldi, Chalaadi, Zhabeshi, Adishi
Ushguli village, Lentekhi , Tsageri

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Day to day itinerary

  • Day 1: Arrival

    Arrive in Tbilisi airport. Transfer to Tbilisi hotel for overnight.

  • Day 2: Tbilisi-Mestia

    Breakfast at the hotel. This day is long drive to Mestia (approximately non-stop drive 8 hours). We make a few stops en route. Evening arrival in Mestia, check in the hotel. Dinner and overnight in Mestia.

  • Day 3: Mestia - Etseri - Mazeri village in Becho

    Trekking: 15 km, 6 to 8 hours, The Highest point: 2460 m., trail trek, sleigh track

    Breakfast at the hotel. Bus takes you from Mestia to Etseri village.

    The route begins from 1680 m altitude from the village road. The snow-capped peak of Mt. Chirinda and alpine meadows are seen to the North. Walk mainly in alpine meadows. Trail marking is done on boulders and rocks. Pass by villages of Etseri community: Iskari, Kurashi, Barshi, Cherili.

    Afterwards leaving Etseri community you walk upwards and right to the direction of Baki pass. En-route pass through the rhododendron slope. From the pass turn to the right side and descend slowly on the highland towards the church. From the church we turn to the left and enter the coniferous forest from where head to the village of Tvebishi. There can be seen Svaneti Ridge to the South, the Ushba-Mazeri massif to the northeast, the river Dolra valley and villages of Becho community to the East and Meziri church of Archangel situated on a ridge. There is Meziri Lake nearby. Mt. Ushba and Mt. Mazeri are continuously visible along the trail before reaching Becho community. Passing through Tvebishi village and evening arrival in Becho.

    Dinner and overnight in Mazeri guesthouse.

  • Day 4 Becho-Mestia

    Trekking: 16 km, 8 hours, The Highest point: 2960 m, trail trek, sleigh track;

    Family breakfast at the guesthouse. Take a direction to Mestia.

    The day begins from Mazeri village to the direction of the village Bagvdanari. We turn to the Left as we reach the public school, cross the village of Bagvdanari and walk on the bridge from where the villages of Becho community: Tvebishi, Chokhuldi, Nashkoli and Bagvdanar are easily visible.

    Cross the river and walk up the valley between the two rivers, following the jeep track all the way to the ruins of Guli village, then up past its small church. Keep climbing and gradually swing left towards the looming cliffs of South Ushba. Follow the alpinists’ trail up into the huge empty valley headed by a small glacier. After an arduous hour and a half nearing the top from where Guli pass is laying in front of you. The view from there is magnificent. Then start trekking down to the sources of Pushkveri stream, descend down through serpentines and look for the best visible path from which we turn to the left and trek along the half-rounded caves (3400m) towards Lamaaja Ridge. Here signpost is standing. From here walk to the spot where from Tskhakvzagari is visible via sludgy drive way. Here you’ll see another signpost and iron cross. Here the road divides into 2 and we choose the one that heads downwards to Mestia.

    Dinner and overnight in Mestia

  • Day 5: Mestia- Chalaadi-Mestia

    Trekking: 6 km, 5-6 hours, Elevation - 1920 m, trail trek, sleigh track

    Have breakfast at the hotel. Follow the road from the centre of the town of Mestia to the direction of the airport, cross the bridge and follow the road on the left bank of the Mestiachala River and head to the road.

    Along the road, to the north, Dalaqora cliff can be seen (3430 m) at the bottom of which the rivers Mestiachala and Chalaadi converge. Afterwards reach the junction of these valleys and continue north-west through the Chalaadi valley, up to the Chalaadi glacier.

    Continue along the dirt road up to the Dalaqora cliff. Five kilometers from the start, at an elevation of 1650 m, on the left side of the road notice a dike dam built with wire mesh and stones. It is at this point where the Mestiachala River, which originates from the Leghziri glacier and flows down from the north, joins the left tributary, the Chalaadi River. Cross the little hanging bridge and follow the path through the forest and soon come across a border guard post. Follow the path into the woods and enter the Chalaadi valley. Reach the ruins of a hut at 1790 m. Afterwards enter a birch wood, at 1800 m the route goes through a rocky area. From here Mount Chatini can be seen clearly, on the south face of which the Chalaadi glacier takes shape. Chatini's north face, which is known in mountain-climbing literature as Chatini's Rhombus, is considered the most difficult climb in the Caucasus.

    Continue towards Chatini and at 1920 m above sea level come to the finish. From here, Chalaadi ice pass and glacier drift which is the source of the Chalaadi River. Walk back to Mestia.

    Dinner and overnight in Mestia.

  • Day 6: Mestia – Zhabeshi – Adishi

    Trekking: 6-7 hours, 15 km (in the morning 45 minutes drive by local jeeps)

    Breakfast at the hotel. Have a morning walking tour around Mestia. Head towards Adishi village located at 2121 meter above the sea level is one of highest located mountain villages in Europe. Today 14 of the once 60 families that used to live here still remain, but more families and people return during the summer. The mountain village has very much kept its Medieval identity. It is located a 4 hour walk from Mt. Tetnuldi (4858 m).

    The first portion of the trail begins 1,690 meters above sea level near a mineral water spring atop the village of Zhabeshi, where you can taste mineral water and afterwards head to southwest to follow the farmers’ road. About 500 meters from the start come across a sign painted on shale. To our right is the Laghvi Church of Saint George.
    Enter a forest of birch trees and rhododendron bushes. From here to the north we look down on the village of Zhabeshi and the Tviberi valley to the northwest see the Mulakhi community villages of Lakhiri and Cholashi in the Mulkhara valley at the base of Mount Banguriani. To the east is Tetnuldi, a snow-capped cone-shaped rock formation (4,860 m).

    Continue up the sledge route and pass coniferous and mixed forests. After one hour, at an elevation of 2,120 meters. We cross the soil drive way, continue to the very steep and sinuous part of the road. As we get to the plain landscape we find ourselves in open rocky area located on 2700 m. from above the sea level. Just there on the right we’ll see the turn leading to the village. To the north we see the south face of Banguriani Mountain, Komsomolskaya Peak and to the left - Mount Ushba, to the northeast - the Tsaneri-Tviberi Ridge.

    The route heads east through along the ridge. Elevation steadily increases until we reach a plateau at 2,700 metres. From here can be looked out upon the Inguri River valley; far to the west see the village of Tsvirmi, the Ughviri mountain pass and the Zuruldi ridge; Descend quickly and after two kilometers reach an elevation of 2,350 metres. This fork of the road leads to cattle farms a few hundred meters down the road. On the right are grazing pastures. Soon the village of Adishi comes into view. Cross a stream bed and enter Adishi. At a leisurely pace, this portion of the trail takes 6-7 hours.

    Dinner and overnight in Adishi village

  • Day 7: Adishi - Ushguli - Mestia

    Have breakfast at the guesthouse. Enjoy walking around the village. Take local 4x4WD jeep Delicas and drive towards Ushguli Community. Ushguli is a community of villages located some 2,100 meters above sea level at the head of the Enguri gorge in Upper Svaneti, Georgia. Ushguli comprises four villages: Zhibiani, Chvibiani , Chazhashi and Murqmeli. The community is considered to be the highest inhabited one in Europe and is included in the list of UNESCO world heritage sites.  Take a nice walk through the streets of these little, unique villages. Drive back to Mestia.

    Dinner and overnight in Mestia. 

  • Day 8: Mestia – Tbilisi

    Breakfast at the guesthouse. Drive back to Tbilisi.  Check in the hotel for an hour’s rest. Overnight in Tbilisi

  • Day 9: Departure

    Breakfast at the hotel. Transfer to Tbilisi international airport for departure.

Includes / Excludes

  • Includes


    • 2 transfers to/from TBS airport –hotel days 1 & 9
    • Mini bus with a/c service on days 1, 2, 3, 8, 9
    • 1 x local 4 x 4 jeep Mestia-Zhabeshi on day 6
    • 1 x local 4 x 4 jeep Adishi-Ushguli-Mestia on day 7


    • English-speaking trekking guide service 9 days


    • 2 o/ns - Tbilisi 3* Hotel
    • 4 o/ns - Mestia Guesthouse
    • 1 o/n - Becho Guesthouse
    • 1 o/n - Adishi guesthouse


    • Breakfasts all days;
    • 6 x Dinners on days 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

    Entertainment and other:

    • 1 bottle mineral water per person per day.
    • Entrance fee in Hatsval
    • Entrance fees on Narikala cable car
    • All taxes
  • Excludes

    • Air tickets;
    • Travel Insurance
    • Alcoholic beverages
    • Single room accommodations
    • Lunches
    • Optional farewell dinner with folk show on day 8: 25 EUR per person


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