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The area of Gardabani Managed Nature Reserve, established in 1996, is 3484 hectares. The Managed Nature Reserve is located near the Azerbaijan border, in the territories of Gardabani and Marneuli Districts and is at a distance of 39 km from Tbilisi. The Gardabani Managed Nature Reserve was created with the aim of maintenance of the forest grooves in this area and improvement of their conditions as well as for protection of the representatives of fauna which inhabit there.

Main treasure of flora of the Gardabani Managed Nature Reserve is the floodplain forests, the main trees of which are the Gray poplar (Populus hybrida), Black poplar(Populus nigra), White willow (Salix alba),Aspen(Populus tremula), floodplain long-stalk oak (Quercus longipes),Wych Elm(Ulmus glabra) andField elm(Ulmus minor).In the sub-forest there grow the hawthorn, tamarisk, cornel-elder and Butcher's broom; from the lianas one can find Clematis, Silk Vine and Common hop. The adjacent territories of the floodplain forest are covered with steppe plants, mainly fragments of nipplewort, which are characteristic to this area.

Many species of vertebrates inhabit the Gardabani Managed Nature Reserve, namely, 21 species of fishes, 4 species of amphibians, 4 species of reptiles, 135 species of birds and 26 species of mammals, which indicates to high level of biodiversity.

A Red deer (Cervus elaphus), which is included in the Red List of Georgia, still can be found in the territory of Gardabani Managed Nature reserve.

Among other animals here inhabit Wild boar, hare, jackal, Red fox, Jungle cat, badger, and marten, Silver bream (Blicca bjoerkna transcaucasica Berg) and many other small fishes in the Mtkvari River. Among them the following species of the Red List of Georgia can be distinguished: Wels catfishes (Silurus glanis), Black Sea Roach (Rutilus frisii) andAral Spined loach (Cobitis aurata). There are many carps (Cyprinus carpio) breams (Abramis brama), Wels catfishes (Silurus glanis), Caucasian goby (Gobius cephalarges constructo Nordmann), and barbell (Barbus barbus)).

From the birds you can see Hoopoe, Magpie, Blackbird, Chafffinch, Goldfinch and Nightingale, and among the Georgia’s Red List species the following are distinguished:White-tailed eagle(Haliaeetus albicilla),Imperial eagle (Aquila heliaca),Egyptian vulture(Neophron percnopterus),Greater spotted eagle(Aquila clanga),Levant sparrowhawk (Accipiter brevipes) and Saker falcon (Falco cherrug).

Among reptiles several species of lizards, Greek tortoises and snakes – vipers, Grass snakes, Four-stripedSnake(Elaphe quatuorlineata)inhabit the Gardabani Managed Nature Reserve.

The Gardabani Managed Nature Reserve is located in Kartli, a region with a rich historical past. Near the Managed Nature Reserve there have been discovered the former settlements of the Eneolyth - the Early Bronze age, and the crypts of the Middle Bronze era. The monuments of late Bronze age and Early Iron era have also been found. Among the historical monuments near the Gardabani Managed Nature Reserve, surely the David-Gareja monastery complex is distinguished.

During the centuries many small and big monasteries appeared on the waterless and lifeless Iori plateau and these places became the hotbed of Georgian spirituality, literacy and wall painting. Bertubani – one of the most important monasteries of the David Gareji complex is situated in the territory of Azerbaijan. Lavra, Udabno, Natlismtsemeli, Verangareja, Chichkhituri, Dodos Rka, and Tetri Senakebi are the monuments included in monastery complex and are harmoniously set in the beautiful landscape, which attract many visitors and religious people.

In the Managed Nature Reserve it is possible to organize bird watching and animal watching tours as well as botanical and ecological tours.

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