churches in tbilisi


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The mamadaviti domed church

Mamadaviti domed church is located in the south –west of Tbilisi on Mtatsminda. The name Mtatsminda derived from Atoni St. mountain in the 10th century, at the same time the Mtatsminda mountain is called ‘Mamadaviti’ due to the legend saying that...

Churches in Tbilisi

The court church sachino

The palace of the Queen Darejan, constructed in 1784 (the spouse of Erekle the II) still stands in Isani, this palace is known as ‘Sachino’. The court church is disposed in the palace, that was first known as St. tortures Erekle and Daria...

Churches in Tbilisi


In the historical district, in upper Kala, on Shavteli street the Anchiskhati basilica is located, the church dates back to the 6th century, and according to the historical sources it was constructed by Dachi Ujarmeli ( from Ujarma) and it was...

Churches in Tbilisi


Virgin Mary church Sioni is located on the street having the same name, in one of the oldest districts of Tbilisi, in upper Kala. According to the legend the first church on the very place was constructed by the King Vakhtang Gorgasali in the 5th...

Churches in Tbilisi

Old sameba church

St Sameba (Holy Trinity) church is located behind the National museum on G. Robakidze Street. The first church here was built by Petre Aghniashvili in 1790 (he was appointed as a Ghartiskari watch by the King Erekle the II and he was defending...

Churches in Tbilisi

Lower Bethlem

Stairs-Street is directed to the lower Bethlehem church erected on the slope of Kldisubani, in lower Kala. The St. Stephanoz nunnery and a small chapel were founded by the Armenians emigrated from Iran, in 1725-1727. In 1868 a domed church was...

Churches in Tbilisi

Upper Bethlehem

Upper Bethlehem church is located in lower Kala, in Kldisubani. According to the legend, the first church here was constructed by the Georgian King Vakhtang Gorgasali and it was one of the distinguished churches as it symbolically resembled the...

Churches in Tbilisi


St. Cross Church known as Jvarismama, is located in lower Kala at the crossing point of Leselidze and Jerusalem streets. According to the legend the construction of the first church on this place is linked with the King Vakhtang Gorgasali. St. Cross...

Churches in Tbilisi

Metechi church

Virgin Mary Metekhi church is located on the left bank of the river Mtkvari, on the cliff plateau , the first church on this place was probably built by Vakhtang Gorgasali symbolically resembling the church built on virgin Mary’s tomb in...

Churches in Tbilisi


St. George Kvashveti Church is located on Rustaveli Avenue in 9 April’s garden, its name derived from one of the miracles by Davit Garejeli ,who was one of the 12 Assyrian fathers living and performing their duties in Georgia in the 6th...

Churches in Tbilisi

Blue monastery

In Verisubani, St. Andria the first church known as the Blue Monastery is located. Its name derived from the blue decoration of the roof (nowadays the blue decoration of the roof is replaced by the blue paint). According to the legend, St. John...

Churches in Tbilisi


The ruins of an ancient fence of the mother–castle Narikala still stands on the western ridge of Sololaki. The name Narikala first appeared in the 18th century, until then it was called – Kala castle. In the 6th century the King Dachi strengthened...

Churches in Tbilisi

Sameba-holy trinity cathedral church

The Holy Trinity Cathedral Church is the religious center of Georgia. Its construction took 7 years and was finished in 2003. Its height goes up to 101 meters with 137 meter diameter including vestibule gallery. 10 churches are disposed in the...

Churches in Tbilisi

Saint marine church

The St. Marine Church is located on Dusheti Street in Avlabari, it is disposed in the depth of the yard and is surrounded by the residential houses, in the south, above the door a bilingual inscription (Georgian and Russian) informs the date of the...

Churches in Tbilisi

Saint nino church

St. Nino Church, located on Chitadze Street, was constructed in 1884. The brick church belongs to three span basilica types. The spans are divided with the couple of round columns.

Churches in Tbilisi

Iveria virgin Mary church

Iveria Virgin Mary Church is located on E. Manjgaladze Street, the church bearing the same name and constructed in the 80s of the 19th century was located on the very place, its leader was the priest Mikheil Makhatadze, later a presbyter.

Churches in Tbilisi

Saint Davit Agmashenebeli church

St. Davit Ahgmashenebeli Church is located deep in the yard of the state University, the architect of the church is G. Marsagishvili, its construction was completed in 1995 and the interior was painted by the artist A. Goglidze in the same year....

Churches in Tbilisi

Saint Nicholas church

St. Nicholas Church is located on the left bank of the River Mtkvari in Tbilisi,K.Khetagurovi Street. At first St. cross appearing church was built on this very place in 1815, which in 1857-1859 was restored by the priest Ioane Imnaidze and he...

Churches in Tbilisi

Saint Mikheil tvereli church

At the foot of Mtatsminda Mountain, on Zaldastanishvili Street, the Russian St. Mikheil Tvereli Church, constructed in 1911-1913 is located. The author of the idea of the construction was the Great Russian chief Mikheil Romanov, the church was...

Churches in Tbilisi

Saint john the theologian Russian church

St. John the Theologian Russian Church is located at the end of L. Kiacheli Street, a few meters far from the Blue Monastery. It was constructed with the order of the governor-general Golicin in 1898-1901. According to the saying, the St. John The...

Churches in Tbilisi

Kari saint George church

Kari (existed with the court ) Church is located in upper Kala, on Erekle the II square, the first St. Archangels church on this place was built by Vakhtang Gorgasali and it was destroyed during the Mongols attack at the end of the 14th...

Churches in Tbilisi

Kldisubani saint George church

In one of the oldest districts of Tbilisi in lower Kala, on a rocky slope the Kldisubani St. George Church, constructed in 1753, is located. The church, constructed in 1600, preceded the St. George Church; the presented church was built with the...

Churches in Tbilisi

Norashen armenian church

The Armenian Church known as Norasheni is located in Lower Kala on Leselidze Street, next to Jvarismama Church. The name ‘Norasheni’ means ‘new settlement’ in the Georgian language. This church is St. Mary Church. The first church was built on this...

Churches in Tbilisi

Saint Peter and Paul Catholic Church

Saint Peter and Paul Catholic Church located on Ivane Javakhishvili Street was built in 1870-1877 by the order of Konstantine Zubalashvili, the head of Roman-catholic parish and the supporter; the church was built according to the project...

Churches in Tbilisi

Catholic cathedral

A long history preceded the construction of catholic cathedral in lower Kala, on G. Abesadze (ex –Catholics) street that dates back to the 13th century since the Catholics settlement in Tbilisi. In 1240 the Dominican monks founded a monastery and...

Churches in Tbilisi


The Jews have been living in Tbilisi since it was founded. According to the sources that have come up to day, their main dwelling area was lower Kala. At this very time the Hebrews had the synagogue in Kldisubani, though it did not survive the...

Churches in Tbilisi


The Arabian conquest of the 18th century was entailed with settlement of the Muslim population. According to Platon Ioseliani, the first Mosque in Tbilisi was constructed in the 16th century it was the Shiite Mosque constructed on the place of the...

Churches in Tbilisi

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