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Armaziskhevi - the residence and burial sites of the Pitiakhshes of the Iberian kings are situated on the right bank of the river Mtkvari, near the estuary of the Armazistskali, two miles west of Mtskheta.

Archaeological Sites


Dmanisi is an archaeological site in Kvemo Kartli region of Georgia, approximately 93 km southwest of the nation\'s capital Tbilisi in the river valley of Mashavera. The main archaeological event of the last years is a discovery of remnants of the...

Archaeological Sites


Dzalisi archaeological site consists of several layers from the Bronze Age (3rd -2nd Millennium BC). It was the second capital of Kartli Kingdom up to the period of its decline from 5th to 8th c. AD.

Archaeological Sites


Gonio Fortress is recognized to be an important strategic, political and economic centre belonging to the eastern part of the Roman Empire.

Archaeological Sites


Nokalakevi - Roman and Byzantine historians knew the city as Archaeopolis, but in the later Georgian chronicles it is mentioned as Tsikhegoji, ‘the fortress of Kuji’, for its eponymous and semi-legendary third-century BC founder.

Archaeological Sites


Sachkhere is a district at the northern edge of the Imereti Province in Western Georgia. It is located in the River Kvirila\'s basin. The Cave is large, entrance – 22 m, height - 15 m. The day light goes through 60 m. It contains Encelithic - Early...

Archaeological Sites


Sarkine is mentioned in the old Georgian chronicles (the conversion of Kartli and the life of Kartli) among the other Georgian towns it was situated 8km west of Mtskheta, on the left bank of the River Mtkvari, where after the Shio-Mgvime Dzegvi...

Archaeological Sites


Tchiatura is a city in the Imereti region of Western Georgia. There are Ortvala klde cave and Jruchula cave. These are karst rock shelters with two chambers opening to the east.

Archaeological Sites


The multilayered site of Tsikheagora revealed a large architectural complex belonging to the Hellenistic period. Archaeologists have found the twelve meters high hill with the area of 0.5 hectares. The thickness of the cultural layer exceeds six...

Archaeological Sites


Vani is a town in Imereti region of western Georgia, at the River Sulori (a tributary of the River Rioni), 41 km southwest from the regional capital Kutaisi.

Archaeological Sites

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