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One day snowmobile trip to one of the most beautiful lakes in Georgia - Tabatskuri. Get unforgettable experience of winter Borjomi national park, taste it\'s renowned spring water, drive through evergreen pine forest and walk the frozen lake.

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Svaneti, one of the timeless and lovely provinces of Georgia, is situated at the mouth of the river Enguri among awe-inspiring Caucasus Mountains. There are amazing, beautiful towers that once defended the region. One could see an enemy approaching from them, and they were built quite strong to protect people. They were also used to communicate, as fire was lit on them to send messages from tower to tower. One can peek into the past’s ancient, patriarchal mode of life, as the traditions, customs and habits continue in Svaneti even today. Christian holidays have some pagan qualities to this day. The Svaneti Mountain peaks Ushba (4710 m & 4690 m), Tetnuldi (4858m), Shkhara (5193 m), and Shkhelda (4368 m) are extremely challenging to climb. So they attract many expert mountaineers and the majority of them are from this region.

The village cluster of Ushguli with its distinctive ancient towers, is the highest populated place in Europe (at 2200 meters above sea level). It is the most difficult to access as it is the most isolated region of Georgia. Ushguli is declared as the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site since 1994.

Svaneti is the most populated highland region. Mestia is a small town on the altitude 1500 m and is regarded as chief community of Zemo - Upper - Svaneti province. The former name of the townlet is Seti. It was an important center of Georgian culture for centuries and contains a number of medieval monuments - churches and forts.  The best time to visit Svaneti is between May and October.

On the other hand, Mestia is a new winter resort situated on the North-Western slopes of the Great Caucasus Mountains. Three ski routes have been built on Hatsvali Mount: a 2600 meter long red ski run for professional skiers;  a 2670 meter long blue run for less experienced skiers; and a 300 meter long run for amateur skiers.

Information about skiing slopes and ski lifts:
Ski run: 1900 meters. Type: Red (difficulty- above average)
Ski run: 2565 meters. Type: Blue (difficulty-average)
Ski lift ticket price: 2.5 EUR per day
Ski run “Mugviirshi:” 300 meters (for amateur skiers)

Ski lift manufacturing company: Leitner-Poma  Inc.
Ski lift length: 1407 meters
Number of cable car seats: initially 40
Type of seats: open, four seats per car
Initial ski lift elevation above sea level: 1800 meters, start: 2350 meters


Jeep 4X4 WD - 4 seats
Mitsubishi Delica van 4X4 WD - 6 seats
Minibus Mercedes Sprinter 9-15 seats

There are boutique hotels and guest houses available.
Hotels are located in Mestia.
Guest Houses are located in the following villages: Latali, Lengeri, Becho and also in Mestia and Ushguli.

Approximate rates: Mestia EUR 27-35 per day in a guest house,  EUR 60-90 per day in hotel.

The food is mostly locally made and is very tasty. There are unique local spices that make the local dishes quite a culinary experience.
We can always cater for vegetarians as well.

Main highlights to visit: 

Svaneti Museum

Village Ushguli

Svan Towers

Medieval churches, which hold ancient Byzantine and Georgian icons and frescos.
Latali Choir – a local choir that performs unique and ancient Svan song
Explore and admire beautiful and pristine local nature, including snow-capped mountains Ushba, Tetnuldi and Shkhara.
Walking Tours available, daily or with overnight camping gear, to high mountain churches that offer breathtaking views to the whole Caucasus mountains.
Horseback riding tours.
Travel to the highest inhabitable village in Europe – Ushguli village. It lies in the alpine meadows at the bottom of the Shkhara mountain and is in fact an open air museum. It has the famous Queen Tamar Tower. There are guided tours to Ushguli. We advise that the minimum stay in Svaneti is three days, so one can experience the most of the local culture and the unique environment

To book private tour to Svaneti, please, check itinerary here 

You are welcome to make any inquires by calling this number:  
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